November 14, 2018

We are your Toyota Radiator Experts

To keep your Toyota Tundra running smoothly and performing to its best, it is important that you perform regularly scheduled maintenance checks.  To keep your Toyota Tundra’s radiator in proper working conditions, a regular flushing will be required. It is a relatively easy task with the proper tools and instructions.  You will need the following; coolant, a socket wrench, a sealable container, a two-gallon capacity bucket and distilled water. A good pair of safety gloves will also help protect from any accidents.

Always make sure that your Toyota Tundra is stationed on a leveled surface. Always allow the radiator to cool off before you begin to work. This will prevent accidental burns. Twist the radiator cap once, wait for a few seconds and then completely remove the cap.  Position the bucket directly underneath the radiator and below the drain plug.  The drain plug should be located on the driver’s side of your Toyota Tundra’s radiator. Using the socket wrench mentioned above, open the plug.  Once opened, allow the old coolant to completely drain into the bucket, and then properly dispose of the old coolant into the sealed container.

Toyota tundra

Toyota Tundra

Now reposition the bucket under the radiator and close the drain plug.  Next fill the radiator with the distilled water. Open the drain plug to allow it to flow into the bucket.  Repeat this process until you notice the water from the radiator is clean and free of debris.

Next, open the drain plug and allow all of the coolant to drain into the bucket. Be sure to properly and safely dispose of the old coolant into the sealable container.  Remember that coolant is extremely lethal to people and pets.  Place the drain bucket back into its place and close the drain plug. To start the flushing, pour the distilled water into the radiator.  Using distilled water instead of tap water will prevent sediments from being deposited and damaging the coolant system.

Finally replace the radiator drain plug and pour the new coolant into the radiator until it is one inch from the top.  You will need to consult your Toyota Tundra’s owner’s manual for the correct type of coolant.  Now start your engine and turn the heating fan to high.  Allow the engine to run until the cooling fan turns on two times.  Check the coolant level and add more coolant if the level has been reduced. Then place the radiator cap back on.

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